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Lunar Calendar May 2019: There is a continuous change in the phases of the Moon every night. Those changes are visible every night, many people depend on the phases of the Moon for their daily work activities such as hair cutting, fishing etc. If moon phases have any direct or indirect impact on your daily work activities then download a Moon Calendar. Below you can find Lunar Calendar for May 2019. Check a calendar below to see Moon phases in the month of May.

There are four important phases of the Moon;

  1. New Moon
  2. First Quarter
  3. Full Moon
  4. Last Quarter

May 2019 Moon Phases Calendar



Download >>>>> Lunar Calendar June 2019 (Next Month)

Use the link above to download or check details of next month Moon phases. Use this link if you want to download the printable calendar for May 2019.

Lunar Calendar for May 2019 – Full Moon & New Moon Details

Here are details of Full Moon & New Moon in the month of May 2019. Below you can see a date for four important phases of the Moon.

New Moon: May 4, 2019

First Quarter: May 12, 2019

Full Moon: May 18, 2019

Last Quarter: May 26, 2019


Having a moon calendar for each month is beneficial if you believe in Moon phases or it has any impact on your life. Feel free to download this May 2019 Moon Calendar to see a day wise change in the phases of Moon. Also, note that each month there are different Moon Phases which means you have to download a separate Moon Calendar for each month. Keep checking this site for more useful printable calendars.

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